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Jiujitsu Classes

Join Crush Crew Jiu-Jitsu for proven competition and self-defense techniques. Boost your confidence through Jiu-Jitsu classes that strengthen both body and mind. Try a class, join the team, and discover the life-changing benefits of a healthy lifestyle with Crush Crew Jiu-Jitsu.

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Muay Thai

Step into the world of Muay Thai at Crush Crew. Our expert instructors teach battle-tested techniques for competition and self-defense, boosting both confidence and fitness. Join a class, become part of our community, and experience the transformative benefits of Muay Thai with Crush Crew. 

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Kids Classes

Introduce your child to the world of martial arts with Crush Crew Kids' Classes. Our skilled instructors focus on fun and foundational techniques, promoting both physical activity and mental discipline. Join our youth community, where your child can learn, grow, and build confidence in a supportive environment.  

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Teens JiuJitsu 

Join Teen Titans Jiu-Jitsu for powerful self-defense skills and exciting competition techniques. Elevate your confidence with our classes, designed to empower your body and mind. Experience a class, become part of our squad, and unlock the transformative rewards of a healthy lifestyle with Teen Titans Jiu-Jitsu.

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Senior Stretch

Join for gentle stretching and mobility tailored for seniors. Enhance your flexibility and comfort in a supportive atmosphere. Experience a class, join our community, and embrace the revitalizing benefits of Senior Stretch with Flex and Flow.



Join our Wrestling program for top-notch skills and great teamwork. Boost your confidence with our fun classes designed to make you strong and smart on the mat. Try a session, join our team, and see how Wrestling can make your life awesome!

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