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I'm a 6'2" 315 lbs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 3rd Degree Black Belt under Rosendo Diaz and I have the rank of coach under Bill Bryan in catch wrestling. My heroes are now peers. No more baby steps. All my goals will be accomplished. This is just the beginning God willing.

Here is what I've done in the past years:

  • Multiple-Time UGC super fight winner

  • UGC Ultra Heavyweigh Champion for 3 Years 

  • Fight 2 Win Pro Black Belt Veteran (1-0)

  • I created the "The Crook Choke" and "The Jamaican Necktie"

  • 2007- Naga Battle of the Beach 3rd place advanced

  • Grapplers Quest liberty challenge 1st place advanced

  • UGC Absolute 1st place over 200 advanced

  • Mid-Atlantic Championship 1st place advanced

  • 2008- Naga Nationals 2nd place advanced

  • Grapplers Quest Nationals 2nd place advanced

  • No-Gi pan AMS 1st place Ultra Heavyweight purple belt

  • 2009- Pro Jitsu 3rd place

  • Grapplers Quest Beast of the East 1st place advanced

  • Renzo Gracie Invitational 1st super heavy purple belt

  • 2nd place Purple Belt Absolute

  • 2nd Grapplers Quest 2010

  • 2nd place PGL Super Heavyweight Tournament

  • All Super Heavyweight

  • Earned rank of "Coach" in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling (aka Catch Wrestling)

Pat Rogan


I'm 6'4", 255 lbs, and I’ve been a student of the BJJ Game since I was 18 years old.  I’m a Black Belt under Omar Cruickshank, and I’ve trained just about everywhere in the Philadelphia area.  I’ve also been a strength and conditioning coach for 14 years, Certified through AAAI/ISMA.  I taught GI/No-Gi under Kevin Quigg at Twisted Misfit JJ in Maple Glen for 6 years, and I’ve helped many students Polish their game.  My style is grounded strongly in fundamental techniques and principles, but my game can be very experimental and flow oriented.  You find me somewhere between an armbar and a Peruvian Necktie.




Coach Bill is a nationally recognized USA Hall of Fame Martial Arts Instructor / Fitness Trainer and has been teaching professionally since 1994 with over 30 years of Mixed Martial Arts training. He has trained with the best martial arts masters from around the world such as Professor GrandMaster Ron Bennett, Guro Dan Inosanto, Dr. Jerry Beasley, Muay Thai Legends Ajarn "Chai" Surisute & Ajarn Kumron "Master K" Vaitayanonta and American Full Contact Karate Master Joe Lewis. He has also trained extensively in the Grappling / Submission Wrestling arts under NHB Submission Masters Mark Hatmaker and Marcello Silva, Renzo Gracie and Omar Cruickshank in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Coach Bill is one of the few Certified JFK / JKD instructors in the Philadelphia area and currently holds an Full Instructor Level in Survival Solutions Jeet Kune Do, Guru Level in Maphilindo Silat and Inosanto Filipino Kali. He also has extensive training in the Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts and specializes in the arts of JKD / Kali and Modern Wing Chun. Coach Bill currently holds the title of 9th Degree Kyoshi Level Black Belt in the TaiKenJu-Ryu style of Karate (recognized internationally by the IRKKKA). Coach Bill's foundation are with GrandMaster Ron K Bennett, and holds a 3rd Degree "Sensei" rank in Red Dragon American Freestyle Karate. His original and first Black Belt is in Shaolin Pai Wu Tang Ten Chi Kenpo Karate / Comjuka Kali / Arnis. Coach Bill has competed in numerous National circuit tournaments, fought Pro-Am Muay Thai, American Kickboxing and MMA - retiring with a combined record of 28-4 and has TWICE been nominated into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, former Director of Personal Training with SNAP Fitness and a former National Fitness Presenter and Certified Personal Trainer for AAAI/ISMA "Team ASPEN". Coach Bill has also been a special co-host of the Health and Fitness Radio show "Body Mind & Balance" on AM860 WWDB hosted by Dr. Cory Bank, and training talents have been showcased by NBC10’s John Clark for up and coming Pro Boxing Heavy Weight protégé Joey Dawejko.


  • Certified Personal Trainer SNAP Fitness and Former National Fitness Presenter AAAI/ISMA.

  • Certified Fitness Facility Director & AAAI/ISMA.

  • Certified Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness Instructor.

  • Adult CPR / AED First Aid Certified; American Red Cross.

  • Former Co-host of the Body Mind & Balance show w/ Dr. Cory Bank; radio show on AM860 WWDB.

  • Former Athletic Trainer: Heavyweight Boxer Joey Dawejko, 2007 PAL National Champion & 2007 Eastern Trials Champion) 19 W- 5 L - 4 D - 11 KO's

  • Former Athletic Trainer for the WNFA Philadelphia Phoenix: 2003 Season. Former Striking Trainer UFC Lightweight Fighter Paul Felder 15 W - 4 L

  • Former Muay Thai coach Rami Ibrahim (Rami's Elite) Over 180 fights, #1 USA Ranked - 10th World Ranked

  • (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts and Modern Self Defensive Tactics Instructor. CQC / S.T.A.R.T Self Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • CQC / S.T.A.R.T Weapons Defensive Tactics Instructor (Edged & Firearms) S.T.A.R.T Survival Tactics Instructor

  • Former Muay Thai / MMA / Sport Karate Fighter (Am Muay Thai record of 27-4) 1-0 MMA.

  • Master Instructor & Co-Founder / Kyoshi (TAIKENJU-RYU Martial Arts system) Black Belt (Red Dragon Karate) under Grand Master Ron Bennett.

  • Master Instructor Shindo Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu, 5th Dan , IFMA

  • Full Instructor: Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Kickboxing under John Lopez, Professor Dr. Jerry Beasley / Guru Dan Inosanto. Founder New World Jeet Kune Do Urban Combatives

  • Filipino Indonesian Martial Arts Instructor: Guru Filipino Kali, FIMA / Comjuka Kali-Arnis and Maphilindo Silat. Laban Guru and Founder Amanjafi Kali / Silat

  • Black Belt Ten Chi / American Kenpo Karate, Sensei Robert Sheppard. Black Belt Freestyle BJJ, Master Bob Yoder

  • Brown Belt Crush Crew Jiu-jitsu, Professor Omar Cruickshank

  • Licensed Pro Fight Cornerman (UT, PA, CA, NV, NJ and MI State Athletic Commissions)

  • Kru KaoLoy Muay Thai: Thai Boxing Association: under Ajarn Surichai Surisute

  • Catch /All-in / Scientific Wrestling & NHB training under: Mark Hatmaker. Instructor: Submission Hybrid Wrestling, Master Eduardo Roldos

  • Co-Founder / Chief Instructor RapeSAFETY Women's Self Defense Program

  • ESI (Executive Security International) Protective Intelligence

  • Executive Protective trainee and Co-Founder S.T.A.R.T Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Security Specialist


  • Coach Joseph

  • Certified personal trainer, in sports science.

  • Certified nutritionist.

  • Certified strength and conditioning coach.

  • Owner of MOYAVATED health, fitness, nutrition.

  • Current head coach of Crush Crew cubs.

  • High rank blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu under Omar at Crush Crew.

  • Six years wrestling experience.

  • Ten years striking experience, between Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

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